The most fun you can have behind a desk, I’ve made motion graphics, infographics, animated short films, title templates and even custom effects for myself and clients. My work’s been in international film festivals and featured by large multinational corporations. To see some of my animations, look for links in the entries below, or head to

Created a motion graphics showreel

Here's a quick showcase of some of my motion graphics work over the past few years.

Created animation reels for high-end jewellery stores and universities

The high-end jeweller AVAKIAN was a client of the company I worked for in the UK, and I created a 20-minute looping animation to play in their Geneva shop window.

Closer to home, I've created several motion graphics animations for QUT which can be seen playing on display boards around the campuses.

QUT animation sample

Created an animation that played in the Sydney Film Festival, Portable Film Festival and Bitfilm, went viral and was featured in the Graphic Design Referenced book

Airport is an animated film I finished in 2005, then put on my website to no acclaim. It was accepted into the Sydney Film Festival in 2005, where it played in the Oz Digital Shorts program in the Sydney Opera House. Sadly, that just meant that a hundred or so more people saw it.

Down the track in 2006, I volunteered to show Cory Doctorow (sci-fi author, editor and all-round good guy) around Brisbane while he was in town to give a speech, and he accepted. At the end of the day I passed on my showreel, he liked Airport, linked to it, and it became an instant hit. From there, it was invited to the Portable Film Festival in 2006, where it eventually came joint second behind an Oscar nominee (Maestro), and Bitfilm in Germany. Stills from the film have also been featured in the Graphic Design Referenced book.


Created animation and video for Microsoft on-site in Boston

My short animation Airport, mentioned elsewhere on this page, was seen by someone from Microsoft who was organising Tech·Ed 2006, and who liked the animation style. I was commissioned to create an animation to open the conference, and then to fly to Boston to make another film there (which remains private).


Created animation and video work for non-profits

Here in Brisbane, I've created a series of animations for RAILS, a local community legal centre for refugees, on family violence, how law and government works, and others. I've also created a series of videos explaining concepts in simple English for MDA, and done print design work to support these and other projects too.


Created original animated transition, effect and title templates for video editors

A great joy of the FCP X & Motion workflow is the ease with which you can create custom titles, effects and transitions that can be shared with and sold to other editors. I've created (and written tutorials about) many, many of these custom plug-ins, for clients and for myself. While I have created a site to sell some of the templates I've designed, it's due for a revamp. Ask me if you want to see it.

Created animations for broadcast TV

I've worked on animations for The Medicine Woman (no, not Dr Quinn) a Visionquest production sold internationally, as well as creating the Viewer Video of the Week, Should Drugs Be Legal? for Hungry Beast in their house style.